Custom Furniture

William and Mary wardrobe

William and Mary wardrobe

Made from a wood sawn from a single tree, this case uses traditional joinery, mortise and tenon used for the doors and hand-cut dovetails for the drawers.

Queen Anne lowboy

custom furniture

In order to house the electronics for the TV and stereo, the bottom "drawers" are actually a single carved piece of wood that hinges down for access to that space.

Shaker farm table


This farm table was made from Vermont cherry with the top  made from bookmatched boards. All joinery was mortise-and-tenon.

Over-mantle marquetry panel

marquetry panel

The compass rose was constructed of walnut and maple on a cherry ground with borders of ebony, herringbone inlay, and cross-grain English oak. Each corner has a constellation in mother-of-pearl stars.

Hanging shelf

Mahogany shelf

One of the few times I used true Honduras mahogany for a commission. The finishing took almost as long as the building!

TV cabinet

Flat-screen TV cabinet

Built to house a plasma screen TV, the case has a separate back compartment to house cooling fans and remote access to stereo, DVD, and TV functions.